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Bulk SMS Service in Uttarakhand

When it comes to marketing, you should never skip the traditional ways of marketing. One of the conventional methods is bulk SMS service. SMS marketing is a fruitful and useful way to approach new and old client base. Everyone uses a mobile phone today, and hence, this mobile marketing strategy targets all the mobile phone users efficiently.

Promotional and transaction SMS plays an essential role in strategic marketing planning. If you want your business to have a competitive edge in the market, you should go for bulk SMS service provider in Uttarakhand.

(Smartly reinvented. for lawman with 100% mobile compatibility)


100% Responsive Panel

Technology advancement is a reality, and it is not difficult to predict its successful outcome.

Private Whitelabel Reselling

You can use our panel as your own with your own logo. This feature is best for those who wish to sell from their own website or brand.

Load Balance SMPP

SMPP comes with auto switcher functions. Whenever there is a heavy load or down, the auto switcher switches to another one.

10 Services in One Panel

Now get the power to manage ten services altogether from one web panel, for instance, voice call, SMS, missed call, IVR, and much more.

Customise Brand Setting

Login from your website directly. You don’t need to appoint any A-Record.

Adequate Delivery Report

Check all the individual SMS report live/ With DLR, you get the assurance that all your SMSs are being delivered as per TRAI guidelines. Choose us always for the best bulk SMS service provider in Uttarakhand.

Schedule SMS delivery

You can schedule the promotional SMSs to get delivered as per your preferable time. No matter when you would like to send SMS, it can be done with just a few clicks.

Developer API

Vidhikara also offers HTTP-API. It is best suitable for any ERP, Software, and online applications. You can use it to send SMSs from your own apps.

100% Uptime Cloud Server

At Vidhikara, you will find over 10 SMPP backup server. You will never face any downtime issues.

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